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Maths Home Learning

Week starting Monday 20th July 2020

Summer Maths 

For the final few days of school and for some work over the summer, instead of updating the plans, I have compiled a mixed selection of work packs, increasing in difficulty from 1 to 3. I have also uploaded some mixed summer themed work and some sheets on time and money. So there's a variety of work covering different core numeracy skills - plenty to choose from!

Don't forget the school has subscriptions to MyMaths, MathsWatch and Studyladder. Please feel free to continue to use these online learning platforms over the summer. For MyMaths, you must login using the whole school login details first before entering your own login details. 

Maths is all around us  -  any work covering basic numeracy skills including work on time, money and measures is always a good thing! And plenty of ideas for things to do and look out for remain on our Maths About the House page:


Summer Work Packs

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For Key Stage 4 Pupils

 You can download practice worksheets covering all Entry Level Components here: ENTRY LEVEL PRACTICE WORKSHEETS

Also check out this website for lots of resources, especially those on a GCSE pathway. Please use this website to find your 5-a-day numeracy sheets!Corbett Maths

Home Learning Plans 

The maths team have written learning plans - each giving four sessions per week (updated each Monday of term time). There is no expectation that pupils must complete this work - all resources are provided for those parents who wish to use them. 

Key Stage 3 plans


Key Stage 4 plans

Entry Level 1 (ELC 1)Entry Level 2-3 (ELC 2-3)  YEAR 10 GCSEYEAR 11 GCSE  

If you are unsure about which level to choose or require any assistance please contact Kathryn Wharton-Darke (Head of Maths) at kwharton-darke@southbrook.devon.sch.uk

Previous Posts

Week starting 13/07/2020

The Challenge this week is looking at reflecting over this alternative term of learning. I have made a prompt sheet which you could use, or alternatively you could make a poster with things you have learned in maths, activities you have enjoyed, feel proud of, or topics you have found challenging or ideas of areas to work on next year.

Here's mine and the template if you would like to use it....

School Lockdown Reflection

Website of the week this week is a tangram site, where you can develop your shape and space skills by completing different tangram puzzles in an online environment. It's good fun!

Tangrams Online

Week starting 06/07/2020

Like last week, we will continue to build on pupil skills through completing functional projects. This week's main project is based on travelling by buses which is such a valuable life skill. As with last week, the work can be spread out across the week.

The Challenge this week is nice little take I found on a fun website called Maths On Toast!

It's called Maths of Me and here's the ones me and daughter completed:

Here's the worksheet if you want to use it, but you could also be more creative and make it a poster from scratch. Please do send any examples you are happy to share to me at kwharton-darke@southbrook.devon.sch.uk 

Maths of Me

Website of the week this is a maths playground! Go have some fun ...!

Maths Playground

Little Quiz Time! 

This week really is meant as a fun one - some mixed questions all with a maths theme! 

Remember only I can see pupil answers and I won't publish any results - it's just a bit of fun!


Week starting 29/06/2020

The Challenge this week is a counting scavenger hunt around the house. As it turns out I have a surprising number of drawers in the house! 

There is a basic version or one which includes some estimation first.

Counting Scavenger Hunt

Counting Scavenger Hunt with Estimation

Website of the week is Lego! Construction activities promote STEAM (Science, Technology Engineering And Mathematics) as well as creativity. The Lego website has so many resources and games - it really is a gem. 


Little Quiz Time! 

This week it's on measures.

Remember only I can see pupil answers and I won't publish any results - it's just a bit of fun!


Week starting 22/06/2020

Calculating with Calculators  

This week we are concentrating on work with calculators. It's so useful to be able to effectively use a calculator to do calculations quickly and more easily than in our heads but a calculator is only as effective as it's user so practicing using them correctly is important!

Here's some fun to get you started ... use a calculator to do these calculations and make some words when you flip the calculator upside down!

3.867 ÷ 5 =

6384 ÷ 456 =

272 + 63 =

24188520 ÷ 456 =

The functional challenge this week is money related. We have been thinking about currency this week in our house and played around with designing our own currency - thinking about who would go on the coins and notes. Here's a Currency Template you can download that we used or alternatively draw from scratch!

Here's the ones we made - we had everyone from aliens, to family members to superheroes!

Please do send me your designs at kwharton-darke@southbrook.devon.sch.uk I would love to see them.

Website of the week is one I came across with a whole variety of games. There are so many websites with maths games on but it's always nice to find one which I've not used before! Here is it - it has lots of subjects on, not just maths so really nice one to have saved!

ict games website

Little Quiz Time! 

Remember only I can see pupil answers and I won't publish any results - it's just a bit of fun!


Week starting 15/06/2020

Last week's functional challenge was related to compass points and I was delighted that Freddie sent in a copy of his work which shows the views in each direction from his house. He agreed I could share this on the website - thank you Freddie, I love seeing what pupils have been up to and being able to share successes with our community.

Please do send work to me at kwharton-darke@southbrook.devon.sch.uk


The functional challenge this week is related to our topic for the week - fractions! Although some people can be nervous about this topic, the sessions have been planned to focus on developing understanding of the concept of fractions so I hope everyone feels confident to have a go and have some fun! So the challenge is to search for fractions around the house. I have made a little video to show you what I found - we took photos, then printed and annotated them. Please do feel free to email me finished results!

Little Quiz Time! 

As lockdown continues, I know it can be tricky to keep motivation up so as something different I thought I would start to put up a short quiz each week. Only I can see pupil answers, but I won't publish any results - it's just a bit of fun and something different to do each week.

This first one is on time. 


Week starting 08/06/2020

The functional challenge is a lovely activity all to do with finding directions in relation to your house. Watch the video below which goes through what to do and check out our Maths About the House  page for a little video on how to use a compass (which you can get on most android/iPhones) to help you get your bearings if you need. 

Please do send me pictures of finished results at


Website of the week is also themed with maps and compass directions. It's the games section of ordnance survey website. There are lots of fun activities like puzzles and matching activities so I really do recommend checking it out!


Week starting 01/06/2020

A new functional challenge is another crafting one - how about making your own sundial?

This video shows some super easy ways you could do it and please do send me pictures at kwharton-darke@southbrook.devon.sch.uk

 Website of the week is the Bank of England! They have created a home learning hub with some lovely family fun ideas! Check it out...


Week starting 18/05/20

A new functional challenge....Make your own hourglass!

Here's mine...


Check out our Maths About the House page for the youtube video on how I made it!

Website of the week is a pupil recommendation! Thank you to Louis who wanted to pass on the details of a website with some fun games on which he has been enjoying! 

It's a fun little Pacman game working on addition and subtraction skills so great for developing basic numeracy skills - check it out!

Summer Math Munchman

Week starting 11/05/20

As it's a week of multiplication and division, which is all to do with patterns...see how you do with this little question...

What number comes next in the sequence? 2 , 5 , 8 , 11 ......

Website of the week is Natwest. They have some really brilliant resources for developing understanding about money and finance. These include games as well as short videos for those more advanced topics and caters for the full range of ability so I would definitely check it out!

Natwest MoneySense

Recipe choice this week is going savory. I love a scones. And with all the VE day celebrations we tried these delicious cheese scones which make a great afternoon snack! 

Easy Cheese Scones

Week Starting Monday 4th May 2020

So we're into a new month and the maths team have compiled some fun activities for May, where our month of maths starts with measures! This is such a brilliant topic for doing activities around the house so I hope you have lots of fun trying out some of the ideas in the plans, on the Maths About the House page and in the posts below. 

This week I received these lovely photos of Ethan's board game. The game is inspired by his pet gerbil. Amazing job Ethan, it looks like lots of fun - thank you so much for sharing! It really is wonderful to see!  


As it's measures week AND I love running, here's a measures related, running question to kick off the week...

When you run 5km, you are running 5 MILLION millimetres (that's 5,000,000mm)
Website of the week is this interactive online banking simulator. Some pupils have used it at school and really found it useful - I highly recommend checking it out: 

Money Matters Online Banking

This week's challenge is called The Great Southbrook Paper Plane Race!

Challenge 1: Make a paper plane which flies!

Challenge 2: Measure how far you can get your plane to fly in metres - you will need a tape measure to do this and maybe some help from an adult!

It would be great if you can add your details below and we can send the winner a prize in the post!   


And to help you out - here is a clip of how to make different paper planes - which design will be the best?!

 This week's recipe post is a biscuit bake! This fun idea to make the solar system out of biscuits is mixing science and maths!

Solar System Biscuits

But this week please do get creative and just cook whatever you can! It's measures week so the perfect excuse to do lots in the kitchen. We would LOVE to see what creative bakes you can come up with. A top tip from Pru Leith if you can't get hold of flour is to use oats and whizz them up in a food processor so that they are nice and fine and substitute into a cookie recipe! Please do send in some pictures of your creations (with recipes as well if possible) then we can post them on here (with your permission) so email them across to Mrs Wharton-Darke at kwharton-darke@southbrook.devon.sch.uk

Week starting Monday 27th April 2020

This week I have found a really fun website which lets you make your own colour by number! You upload a photo (try to make this fairly simple otherwise the number of colours gets confusing!) and it will make your very own colour-by-number to do! Why not try doing one of yourself or a family member or pet! We would love to see any which you do so email them across to Mrs Wharton-Darke at kwharton-darke@southbrook.devon.sch.uk


This week's challenge is to do with sorting!

Sorting is actually really great for our brains and we can do it around the house in lots of different places AND it can be a really useful contribution to household jobs! So why not have a go at one of these:

  • Recycling
  • Clothes (whites/colours or into piles for different family members) 
  • Cutlery (knives, forks, spoons)
  • Toys

And this week we're bringing in a bit of ENGLISH into our maths challenge!

Check out this online sorting task to do with words!


This week's recipe post is for a really yummy and super straight forward chocolate mousse recipe. This week is all to do with doing the recipe in the correct SEQUENCE. It is super easy but it's important to follow the steps in the right order!


Here's a fun little question to finish....How many animals can you see?

Week starting Monday 20th April 2020

This week the challenges are all to do with board games. Website choice this week is one with lots of traditional board games  - especially good for strategy skills!


This week's challenge is to make your own board game! I would love to see some pictures of what you make. You could use this template to help but you can use anything - the card from a cereal box decorated would be perfect. The more creative the better. Enjoy! 


For my top choice recipe this week relies on using Cup and Spoon measures to think about how we use ratio in baking (see our maths about the house page).

So try out this cookie recipe!

 Week starting Monday 13th April 2020 

My pick for you to have a look at this week is: 

                                                  Doorway Online

My Functional challenge this week is...cooking! It is a fantastic way of learning - sequencing, estimating, measuring...evaluating...yum yum!

My recipe suggestion is for delicious and easy iced buns!