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Year 9 Science

Week beginning 23rd March

 Fossil Fuels

State the three different types of fossil fuels and describe how each fuel is formed. Present your work as a cartoon strip for each fuel. Use the ‘Cartoon strip template’ to help you structure your work.

Use the following resources to help you:

‘Fossil Fuel information sheet’ https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/guides/z27thyc/revision/1

 Fossil fuels information sheet

Cartoon strip template

Week beginning 13th April

 Task 1

Watch YouTube clip up until 2.23 minutes and read the BBC Bitesize link. Use this information to produce an information poster showing and describing how electricity is produced using a fossil fuel power station. 

Generating electricity

Task 2

Complete the worksheet on 'Energy Resources'. Use the information in the links below to help you. 

Energy Resources (Worksheet)

Renewable energy

Week beginning 20th April

Task 1 

Describe how thermal energy can be transferred through conduction. Use the link below to help you complete the worksheet. 

Conduction information

Conduction worksheet

Task 2

Watch the YouTube clip below and then write a method for how we could test the thermal conductivity of different metals. 


Week beginning 27th April


Describe how thermal energy can be transferred through convection. Use the links below to help you complete the worksheet. 

Convection information

Convection worksheet (Choose the appropriate level worksheet for you, don't complete them all). 


Week beginning 4th May


Describe how thermal energy can be transferred through thermal radiation. Use the links below to help you with your task. 

Produce an information poster about thermal radiation, use pictures and writing. Include:

  • How does heat travel by thermal radiation?
  • What is the best material for absorbing thermal radiation?
  • What is the best material for emitting thermal radiation?
  • Why do marathon runners often wear a foil blanket after their race?
  • Design a sports kit that will help you to stay cool in the summer. (Think about the colour of it.)

Thermal radiation information



Week beginning 11th May


You have come to the end of your topic, so use the information in the previous links to help you complete the worksheet below. 

Energy resources and transfer worksheet


Week beginning 18th May


New topic looking at cells

Draw an animal cell, label and describe the role of the following parts:

  • Nucleus
  • Cell membrane
  • Cytoplasm 

You can present your work either as a poster or start a booklet that you can add to over the next few weeks. 

Use the links below to help you.

Complete the practice activity and the quiz in the 'Cells information' link below. 

Cells information


Week beginning 1st June

 See Spacex launch link on main Science page

Specialised cells play an important role in our bodies.

Use the link below and any other information you can find to answer the following points: 

  • What are specialised cells?
  • Why do we need specialised cells in the human body?
  • Name 4 different specialised cells that we have in the human body. For each type of cell describe how its structure and shape helps it to carry out a particular function. 

Specialised cells information