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Year 8 Science

Week beginning 23rd March


Task 1 – Testing for oxygen

Watch the YouTube clip about how to test for different gases. 

Produce step by step instructions describing how we can test for oxygen gas. Include diagrams as part of your steps.


Task 2 – recap of topic

Complete worksheet on ‘Chemical reactions and gas tests’. (see worksheets section below) 

 Chemical reactions and gas tests


Week beginning 13th April

 New topic of the Environment and ecosystems. 

Over the next few weeks you will be looking at the Environment's of where different animals live, how they are adapted to living in those environments and the food chains/webs that exist in those environments. 

Task 1

Go on a bug hunt in your garden (if you have one) or look in hedges/woodlands whilst out on your daily walk with an adult. Draw the different animals that you see and describe the environment that they are living in. 


Task 2

For each animal that you found, identify and describe one feature that enables them to survive in their environment. E.g. Woodlouse has an exoskeleton (shell) that helps to protect it when under stones.  


         Week beginning 20th April,          27th April and 4th May

Use the links below to help you complete the 'Ecology project' booklet. The booklet contains 3 weeks worth of work. 

Ecology Project Booklet

Ecosystems information

Adaptations information


         Week beginning 11th May


This week you are looking at food chains and food webs. Use the information in the links below to complete the worksheets on food chains and food webs. 

Food chains and food webs information


Food chains worksheet

Food webs worksheet


         Week beginning 18th May


Use the information from the previous weeks and the links below to complete the worksheet. 

Environments and ecosystems worksheet

Environments and ecosystems information


         Week beginning 1st June

See Spacex launch link on main Science page

Produce an information poster about forces. Include written information and a picture/diagram covering the following:

  • What is a force?
  • The two main types of a force.
  • The units we use to measure a force.
  • What we can use to measure a force in the science lab. 

Use the links below to help you. 

 Information on forces