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Year 7 Computing Home Learning

Week Commencing 01/06/2020

Activities / Web Links / Worksheets

This week we are going to focus on Internet Safety and making the right choices online.


First, have a go at the word search below to see if you can find some key terms related to staying safe on the internet.


Next, have a look at the presentation below and see if you can complete the multiple choice quiz.


Internet and Phone Safety Quiz

Previous Learning

Session General Notes Learning activities / web links / worksheets

This session is all about using our understanding of search engines to find information.




Using key words in a question is quicker than typing the whole question out


Using an online search engine (I'd recommend Google) find the answers to the questions in the worksheet below.


Google Search Quiz

You can either print the sheet off and record your answers by hand or download the document and type your answers in!


In this session, we are building on the research skills we worked on in session 1. 


You will need access to a search engine and something to record your findings.

Using a search engine, record 5-10 interesting facts about a subject of your choice. (The more interesting the facts the better!)


If you are stuck for some ideas, maybe try one of these Computing related topics:



Bill Gates

Alan Turing

Steve Jobs and Apple


3 This session continues the research and information gathering theme of this home learning unit.

Using a combination of search engines and the websites listed below, create a list of 10 useful tips / facts about staying safe online.








If you have access to word processing software, try to create your list in a program like Microsoft Word. (If not a pen and paper will work too!)

4 This session brings together your home learning on online safety and researching information.

Using your list of online safety tips you created in the last session, create a leaflet or presentation with the title "Top Tips for Staying Safe Online."


You must include:

Bold Headings

Information written in your own sentences

Images / Pictures


Try to use either Word / PowerPoint / Publisher if you can but if not then you can hand make your leaflet.