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To advance the education, care and wellbeing of the pupils at the schools, to advance the education of other members of the community.

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Weekly Bulletin Summer Term 1st Half 2024


5th May 2024

Jubilee Challenge- The Jubilee Challenge is fast approaching and it is quite an undertaking, not only for the pupils but for the amazing group of staff volunteers. The year 11 pupils went on their final practice walk on Friday and did a fantastic job. As the JC team make the final preparations next week, we are looking forward to seeing our pupils achieve their goals and cross the finish line with a sense of personal achievement.


Bobbie- Bobbie, our therapy dog, always has such a beneficial impact on staff and pupils, and last week he stayed for his first whole day. He certainly looked tired by the end of the day but the pupils gained so much from his extended visit. It is great to see the impact of the last 6 weeks, where he has contributed to the wellbeing of a large number of groups and individuals, and supporting them both educationally and therapeutically.


Cooking- Year 7 were very proud of their chocolate bread last week. They listened intently to the instructions and then made a product that they all enjoyed. It is great to see them laying the foundations for the full meals that we know they will go on to cook as they progress through the school. Well done year 7.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Some of our pupils used role play and still images to develop their understanding of the characters and plot points of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Through role play, these pupils explored the humorous consequences of Puck’s mischievous actions. It is great to see the ambitious nature of this type of work through themes and pedagogy that they can engage with successfully.

Amelia’s achievements for charity: Amelia (9TL) had 16 inches of her hair cut off, which she donated to the Little Princess Trust, who will use it to make wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments. By gathering donations, she raised £205 pounds for the charity. Very well done Amelia.  


28th April 2024

Year 11: Well done to Lulu, who started her charity raffle this week, and to Chloe and Sasha, who have been selling their handmade jewellery in the hall as part of an enterprise project. As they prepare for their last day at the end of June, it is great to see them showing independence and a solid work ethic.


Year 6 transition days: We began our series of induction events for the new cohort of year 7 pupils, who will join is in September. It was wonderful to meet new pupils and their parents/ carers. We were able to get some really important information and they were able to get some information about the school. Thank you to everyone who attended and we look forward to the next event in May.  


Catering: It is always lovely to see our pupils cooking ambitious and hearty meals, that they may go on to cook once they leave us. Last week, they cooked toad in the hole. It was delicious, with lovely, thick gravy and perfect Yorkshire pudding.


Yr11 Jubilee Challenge Practice Walk: The big event is fast approaching, with around two weeks to go, and preparations are well underway. Following briefing sessions on Monday, groups of pupils made sure the tents and equipment are fully functional, present and correct while others went out on their practice walks, achieving more each time they go and then returning to school tired but proud. There are further preparations to make over the next two weeks but I wanted to say a big thank you to those who are doing this preparation as well as the large number of staff who have volunteered to come along and support the pupils.


Maths: It was lovely to see some brilliant maths work with a creative twist. Year 8 worked on accurate measurement using two-point perspective. They were incredibly proud of their work, and the results were extremely impressive. Well done to the year 8 pupils.


Governor visits:  Nikky and Michelle (governors) visited last week to continue their monitoring visits. Michelle spent a large part of the day looking at phonics, reading and the quality of education. Nikky looked closely at the intent of the maths curriculum during her last visit with Harry, and this time the emphasis was on the implementation and impact of this curriculum. Nikky also stayed to meet some new parents and pupils during the year 6 transition evening, passing on information from first-hand experience as a parent of a pupil at Southbrook.


21st April 2024

It has been wonderful to welcome the pupils back as we enter the new term, and we have hit the ground running yet again!

We have now introduced Accelerated Reader across the school. Assessments are underway and we have restructured the library to make sure that every pupil is able to read books of interest at their own level. We have also invested in new phonics and skills-books, and have been working with Devon Library Service to improve the resources we have available. On Monday, during the training day, all staff received training on Accelerated Reader as well as strategies to further support our pupils with reading.


Pink Ribbon Charity: Year 11 raised a phenomenal amount of money for the Pink Ribbon Charity. In addition to the items for sale last term, pupils attempted to score a penalty against Mr Coppard. Cameron managed to get a goal past Mr Coppard and won the prize draw so he is the winner of the football signed by Exeter City! Well done to everyone involved and to those of you who contributed. 


Further support of charities by our pupils: The capacity of our pupils to care for others never ceases to amaze, and when they have an idea, they are always well supported by our wonderful staff. Lulu in year 11, has decided to hold a raffle on Thursday and Friday next week. It is for a charity linked to FND, which is close to her heart. She has been proactive, creating posters and speaking to our Chair of Governors, Fee. Amelia (Year 9) also showed her charitable nature by donating 16 inches of her hair to the Prince’s Trust, to help children who have lost their hair to Cancer.  Amazing! Well done Amelia and Lulu.


Conversation Chess: The Therapies team jumped on the opportunity to host these sessions as part of a Devon County Council initiative, and what a success the first session was. These sessions look likely to have a significant impact on their communication skills and confidence levels.

Our other therapies are starting again for the new term, including new OT groups, Physiotherapy, SMILE therapy and SALT groups.


Catering: It was a pleasure to visit a number of catering and cooking lessons last week. It was great to see pupils making a proper meal full of healthy ingredients. They were enthusiastic whilst carefully preparing their meals. Year 11 made Pad Thai as part of this term’s work, in which they will be exploring the theme ‘cooking around the world’.