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To advance the education, care and wellbeing of the pupils at the schools, to advance the education of other members of the community.

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Weekly Bulletin Spring 1st Half Term


5th Jan 2024

It has been wonderful to welcome back the pupils for the start of the Spring Term.

We have welcomed some new staff to our teaching team this week. It is great to have Mr Pester with us. He has been covering a range of lessons over the last term, and will now be teaching science. It is also nice to welcome Mr Sanders, who will be working closely with Julie R to teach Forest School, Horticulture and outdoor education sessions. I also need to say welcome back to Ms Black, who has taken on JP class, now named PB class.


It has been lovely to see the pupils so happy to return, and they have had some really interesting lessons already. The smells coming from the catering room were fabulous as year 10 and 11 cooked sweet chilli noodle stir fry. These pupils worked almost completely independently to create this dish, and they were very pleased with the results. It was also nice to see their efforts and enthusiasm grow in this subject, as these skills will be useful for the rest of their lives.


19th Jan 2024

Here are the latest snippets to keep you informed of what has happened last week.

A self-defence Confidence Boost session took place last week, run by Exeter Self Defence Academy. The pupils who took part loved it and were very keen to describe what they had learned. It certainly had the desired impact of empowering our pupils.


Devon Wildlife Trust- Devon Wildlife Trust came in to speak to 9TL last week, and 9RG are set for a visit next week. This visit provided the pupils with an enjoyable, worthwhile and enriching experience. I hope 9RG enjoy it just as much.


Romans- YR 7 have been learning all about the Romans this week. They have made some amazing Roman shields, showing perseverance and resilience whilst making them. They were incredibly proud of themselves! It is great to see the pupils becoming interested in a new topic, and as a result, they have achieved more than they thought they could.


Wildwood Escot talk- year 10 responded very well to Bex from Wildwood Escot. There was a presentation that was full of funny and interesting stories about the animals and what it is like to work at Escot. Each year 10 pupil asked a question they had prepared and our pupils were described as a real credit to Southbrook. Well done year 10 for representing the school so well.


Choir- It is always nice to hear the music coming out of the Southbrook Singers club on Mondays and it is lovely to hear that they are working on a new song from Wonka. It is also great that this club gives individuals a chance to shine, and this week two of our young people sang solos, and showed talent as well as courage. Fabulous!


Cooking- Once again, there were wonderful smells coming from the catering room. Inside, AW class were cooking a delicious stir fry, and were keen to show how they had worked independently, learning new skills and many were keen to try their dish.


We hope you have a lovely week and will keep you updated next week.


Weekly Bulletin 26th Jan 2024

Year 11 Egyptians- The year 11s emerged from humanities buzzing about a lesson they had just finished about the Egyptians. As part of the lesson on mummification, they wrapped two pupils in bandages, and when they came out of the lesson told me all about Egyptian burials. It is wonderful to hear that practical learning activities are having such an impact on engagement and the quality of learning. Well done to the humanities team.


First aid- 8HV had a very successful lesson learning about first aid, and some may even be thinking of a career as a paramedic. They really enjoyed another practical lesson, learning about bandaging wounds and the recovery position. They showed that there is a very caring side to our pupils and we know they will be an asset to the local community when they leave us in year 11.


St John Ambulance visit for Year 10- Year 10 were visited by a member of St John’s Ambulance, and this proved to be very successful and engaging. The pupils involved impressed staff with three consecutive lessons in which they were enthusiastic and concentrated throughout. They were able to recall past knowledge, ask sensible questions , demonstrate CPR and remember important details.


PP trip and Outdoor Education: All pupils in Friday’s group have faced significant challenges and difficulties in the last week, so it was really pleasing to hear they had such a successful day on Friday. The input of supporting staff was significant in helping in the pupils relax, and chat to staff and each other whilst enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Bellever Forest.


Therapy Fair- There was another successful Therapy Fair on Monday as part of our staff training programme. It is an important opportunity to take stock of the wider work we do for our pupils, and support them with needs that may otherwise hamper their academic progress. It was wonderful to see our physio, OTs, SALTs, Hearing and Visual impairment advisory teachers and school nurses all in one place, and all working together to support our pupils.  


2nd Feb 2004

Diana Denman visit: It was another jam-packed visit from our School Improvement Partner, and it was great to be able to celebrate some of the hard work that has taken place over the last term. Mrs Shanahan and Mr Blackmore met with her to discuss Quality of Education, Personalisation and SEND while the middle leaders and core subject leads had the opportunity to discuss their areas of responsibility. Governors also met with her to update the Governor Development Plan.

St John Ambulance Visit: Following on from the successful visit from Sue Ayres last week, she returned to work with year 11 pupils. It was another very successful visit, and the pupils were able to apply their existing knowledge and learn some new skills as well.

Outdoor Education: Caving is always a challenging activity for our pupils so it was so good to hear about and see so many pupils supported to undertake the trip to Pridhamsleigh Cavern near Ashburton. It is always wonderful to see the growth in pupils’ confidence and having the bravery to try new things and push themselves out of their comfort zone.

Year 9 PP Group: The year 9 group welcomed two new pupils this week and heading to West Dartmoor. The pupils walked nearly 5 miles and did incredibly well, sharing with staff that it was the furthest they had ever walked. The aim of the group is to build self-confidence, demonstrate what the pupils can achieve and to build trust and strengthen relationships with peers and adults alike.

Pupil celebrations: It is always nice when individuals come and share the work they are most proud of.  Last week we saw brilliant DT work, amazing story writing and pupils achieving their individual goals.

Pets as Therapy: In some very exciting news, Mrs Shanahan has been working behind the scenes to plan for the initial visits of therapy dog Bobbie, as part of the Pets as Therapy programme. She is currently working with the pastoral team to identify pupils who would benefit from meeting Bobbie, and then the roll-out of this scheme can develop from there. Watch this space!