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Miracles - Are they real?

We are going to start a new project exploring what miracles are and if we can prove they are real. 

1. Search in google for miracles. What do you find? 

 Explore some of the answers. Do they make sense?

Don't worry if they don't! That's why I'm here to help!

2. Print off the worksheet or write down the questions on a piece of paper or just watch.


 Now watch and pause the video below so that you can answer the questions, just like in my lessons!

Jesus and the miracles he is meant to have performed:

 What do you think?

Ask yourself these questions and if you can, ask an adult what they think.

1. What were the miracles Jesus is meant to have performed?

2. Why is 'bringing someone back from the dead' or 'walking on water' a miracle?

3. So, what is exactly is a miracle?

The last question is actually quite difficult to explain.

Here's what the dictionary says - Get an adult to help if you can.

Miracle is an amazing, beneficial event that goes against (or at least seems to) the laws of nature. Some people say that a miracle is always an act brought about by God or other supernatural force (such as an angel). BUT others say that there can always be another explanation for it.

Any clearer? Don't worry if not! I'm here to help.

Watch this video about another religious leader. Ask yourself, is this possible?

Crazy right!


1. Is it possible to cut someones head off and then put it back on?


Yes, but they will be dead!


So, a miracle is something that happens but is impossible! Like cutting someones head clean off and then putting it back on again and then bringing them back to life!

Miracle = Impossible

So, the big question is:

Are miracles real?


Are Miracles Real?

So, are Miracles real?

This is a very difficult question for lots of reasons. We are going to look at some videos to help us explore the idea.


Can you walk on water? Try it. Go and find a puddle or have a bath and try and stand/walk on the water.

Can you do it?



This is something Jesus was said to had done. Watch below.

What do you think? Have you seen anyone walking on the sea at the beach?

This is a good example of a Miracle because if it happened we can't explain it because it is impossible!

But! What if it did happen, surely it can happen again!

Watch this video very closely.

 What do you think? Is it a miracle? Have they managed what Jesus is said to have done?

Did they really manage to run on water? If they did, it is a miracle because it should not be possible.

Watch this Buddhist Monk. Is this a Miracle?

He uses a platform to run across so I think he's cheating! Therefore, not a miracle.

So, what do you think the man running on water was a miracle or not?

Watch and find out!

So, no! It was just a stunt like the monk.

Are we any closer to understanding miracles? Not really because it relies on something else: Faith. 

If you believe in God then you are likely to believe in miracles because God can do anything. This means God can give anyone the power to do anything as well. So, if God wanted, he could give us all the power to fly (that would be my favourite) or walk on water. But, if you don't believe in God then you may not believe in miracles because you believe without God, impossible things can't happen.

All religions believe in Miracles. Print the worksheet below and fill out as you watch.

 Moses and the Exodus

Krishna and Kans


Jesus - The Passion

For Christians, one of, if not the most important part is a belief that Jesus came back from the dead, what they call resurrection.

What this fantastic Lego version of the story below.

So, did Jesus come back from the dead? Are there any other explanations for what happened.

Abraham - Christianity and Judaism

Watch the video below. Are there any miracles in the story?