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The summer term in PSHE is set for the Relationship and sex education (RSE) part of the curriculum. We have made the decision that this will be taught when we return back to school. The year 11's completed all aspects in year 10 and this would be used as a recap.


Week beginning 1st June

Continuing the topic of relationships and friendships, looking at positive relationships and how you can deal with conflict.







I have added a section for PSHE games and puzzles for you to have a look at and have some fun, this should all be topics that you have already completed in PSHE.


Mental health awareness week

In school we complete a lot of work and discussions about your own mental health and well being.

This week is mental health awareness week. The theme is kindness, this includes being kind to yourself. This time is very hard in lots of ways for you so take some time each day to think about something that you have done that your proud of, it can be anything at all...…..

We have thought a lot about your "growth mindset" and changing the way you think about not being able to do something and giving yourself time and recognising what you can do and that you cant do something YET.  There are some worksheets below for you.

Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset I CAN


Questions to Develop Growth Mindset


Can you think of ways you can be kind to other people? In school and at home?

Doing something kind for someone when they least expect it is so lovely, how do you think it would someone feel? This is a list of things you can do for others- how many can you tick off in a week?

daily acts of kindness

 Key workers have been going to work to help us at this time, below are some posters which you can colour in and post/take to your local store/firestation/police station etc or put up in your window at home,  to say thank you and shows great kindness to them. You can also design your own.

thank-you keyworkers colouring

Mindfulness and yoga are amazing techniques to give yourself some kindness and time for yourself. On the well being home learning page there are a number of techniques for you to use and music choices.

This is some cards which you can use to give your brain a breather...……

mindful minute brainbreak card


During this time you may be feeling all types of feelings, part of mindfulness is to learn to calm your body through breathing (there is a section on home learning for well being which includes lots of relaxation and mindfulness techniques) How can you be calmer?

C can you draw or write things that make you feel calmer? for example a happy place or your favourite hobby.

A are you feeling worried or upset? Its ok if you do and its good to tell others how you feel.

L listen to the thoughts in your head and how your body feels

M make a list of things you enjoy doing to help yourself feel better

E everyone feels worried sometimes. When you felt worried before what helped you feel better?

R remember to keep talking to an adult at home about how you're feeling


First Aid AQA (to complete your  AQA certificate)

  • what is CPR? (all completed the practical in class) To explain in detail what it is and what checks need to be made., remembering what DRABC stands for.
  • How many chest compressions and rescue breaths are needed.
  • To design a poster about CPR and how important it is
  • .
  • Design a leaflet/poster for each topic. Giving advice on what people should do in a specific emergency: burns and scalds, choking, fainting, recovery position,


Self Esteem Work

What amazing qualities do you have? All the positive things that make you amazing and unique.

Can you write down all the things that you CAN do. some ideas:

  •  what you can  physical do like playing football, running, gymnastics. help people
  • it could be what makes you an amazing friend- kind, considerate friendly, nice
  • identify how unique you are and think about the things you CAN do
  • what do you do that help others at home and at school.

Write a long list and add to it over the next few weeks as you may learn some new skills at home like cooking something nice. Could you look through a recipe book and choose something to cook for someone else? Or make your own sandwich for lunch working on your independence skills!

Self esteem songs

There are some amazing self esteem songs, many we listen to during lessons. My favourite is "THIS IS ME" saying this is who I am, which is an amazing message for you. Can you think of any songs that you like that are promoting self esteem and being unique? Write a list and we can make our own Southbrook playlist. 


PSHE Games and Quizzes 

 click below for some quizzes on Drugs awareness, Bullying, careers

quizzes online

An anti bullying KAHOOT we made for you

Anti bullying

A first Aid KAHOOT

First Aid


 This will be work towards an AQA unit award "Exploring positive relationships" complete each bullet point on a separate piece of paper.

  • Identify at least 5 different relationships you have in your life. This can be at school and at home, friends and family.
  • Identify at least 3 reasons why people have close relationships. do this is a brainstorm- think about why you have close relationships with people (example sharing and caring for others)
  • identify at least 5 expectations within a friendship/close relationship. What things would you expect a friend to do for you and what should you do for a friend?
  • How can a friendship or close relationship be negative? Think of at least 5 things, link it with work you have completed about peer pressure- is someone a friend if they make you do something you don't want to do or that can hurt you or other people?

peer pressure powerpoint

Peer Pressure Scenarios

friendship powerpoint

  • Can you make a playlist of friendship songs that are positive and that you like? This is Bruno Mars- count on me which I think is a great friendship song.


  • Below is a you tube clip about friendships and what qualities make a great friendship "the perfect recipe for a friendship"  Write your own friendship recipe with all the qualities that you think are important for a great friendship.


    list 3 ways that you can improve or end a relationship or friendship that is negative and doesn't make you feel safe or happy?
    This  may be very difficult to do, but what things could you do- who could you talk to and ask for advice at school or at home?
    Remember no one has the right to do anything in a relationship/friendship that hurts you in anyway.
    There are some scenarios below about peer pressure- what would you do in the situations?
peer pressure- what would you do?