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To advance the education, care and wellbeing of the pupils at the schools, to advance the education of other members of the community.

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All key stage pupils have PSHE twice a week, during this time we also practice group work, discussions, sharing ideas, debating and mindfulness practices (there is a separate page for mindfulness and yoga)

The summer term for PSHE is set for the Relationship and Sex education (RSE) part of the curriculum. We have made the decision that this will be taught when we return to school due to the nature of the subject.

 Week beginning 7th June

  The topic for the next few weeks  is "being healthy" there are lots of ways you can keep healthy they include the food you eat, the exercise you do and keeping active, sleep pattern, rest, keeping your body clean,  and time you spend on your phone/devices...…..

On the PE home learning page there are lots of challenges and ways to keep active especially at this time I know a few peoples are using the trampolines a lot which is great exercise!

This week we are looking at "looking after yourself- cleaning your teeth" why is this important? how do you clean your teeth properly?

This is a song I would have played in the lesson to make you smile!! Would we have danced too???!! YES!!

Can you design a poster giving advice to others about how to clean their teeth and why it’s important?

Can you advise someone what changes they could make for example eating less sugary foods.


Can you write a story using characters about someone who does clean their teeth twice a day and goes to the dentist regularly. Your story could be someone giving their friend advice. You can use the comic book template below to draw your story.

 And this is how people in space clean their teeth how cool is that!!


Also there is  a new section "PSHE games and quizzes" I will put some links for some games you can play

Mental health awareness week

In school we complete a lot of work and discussions about your own mental health and well being.

This week is mental health awareness week. The theme is kindness, this includes being kind to yourself. This time is very hard in lots of ways for you so take some time each day to think about something that you have done that your proud of, it can be anything at all...…..

We have thought a lot about your "growth mindset" and changing the way you think about not being able to do something and giving yourself time and recognising what you can do and that you cant do something YET.  There are some worksheets below for you.

Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset I CAN


Questions to Develop Growth Mindset


Can you think of ways you can be kind to other people? In school and at home?

Doing something kind for someone when they least expect it is so lovely, how do you think it would someone feel? This is a list of things you can do for others- how many can you tick off in a week?

daily acts of kindness

 Key workers have been going to work to help us at this time, below are some posters which you can colour in and post/take to your local store/firestation/police station etc or put up in your window at home,  to say thank you and shows great kindness to them. You can also design your own.

thank-you keyworkers colouring

 Mindfulness and yoga are amazing techniques to give yourself some kindness and time for yourself. On the well being home learning page there are a number of techniques for you to use and music choices.

This is some cards which you can use to give your brain a breather...……

mindful minute brainbreak card

positivity coluring pack


Being healthy

How do you keep healthy?

Food and nutrition.

There are some activities to do about healthy eating and the different food groups we need to fuel our bodies. Can you make ay small changes to what you eat each day to make them healthier?

 Healthy Eating word search

Healthy eatng Bingo

Finding the food groups


Keep a food journal of what you eat each day, can you add extra things to make it more healthier and take out a couple things if you think you are having to many "treats"

My food Journal

Sleep and relaxation 

Sleep is so important for your body, and at this time when you don't have the same routine as school this may be really difficult to do.

Can you write a list of all the things that you think will help you sleep? some ideas maybe listening to music, having a warm drink, reading/listening to a book.

Can you write a list of the things you do that might not help your sleep? some ideas maybe being on your phone, playing on the xbox…………

Here are some ideas for getting sleep:

Getting a good nights sleep guide

Some tips for that you can try if you cant sleep well, also try some of the mindfulness techniques that you know and that are on the well being section 


keep your own sleep chart and see what you can do to improve your own sleep.

importance of sleep

Listening to nature music is very good for sleep

These are some yoga moves for sleep and relaxation

yoga moves for sleep and relaxation



 Our own feelings

Identify what makes you feel different things and how does your body react.

Happy, sad, angry, loved, scared, excited.

  • What can you do to make yourself feel happy? Write a list of all the things, Example listening to your favourite music
  • Identify people who can help you if you’re feeling sad/angry/upset. Identify people at school and at home.
  • Write your own feelings story with yourself as a character, or a poem.
  • Design a story board to go with your story


During this time you may be feeling all types of feelings and part of the mindfulness is to learn to calm your body through breathing (there is a section on home learning for well being that has some mindfulness techniques) How can you be calmer?

C can you draw or write down things that make you feel calm? for example a happy place or your favourite place.

A are you feeling worried or upset? its ok if you do and its good to tell others how you feel

L listen to the thoughts in your head and how your body feels

M make a list of things you enjoy doing to help yourself feel better

E everyone feels worried sometimes. When you've felt worried before what happened to make you feel better?

R remember to keep talking to an adult at home  about how you're feeling

Self-esteem work

  •  list songs that you  think are empowering and listen to the words of the song and write them down.
  • some ideas of songs we have used in class:


  • Draw around your hand and on each finger list the amazing things that you can do, decorate it and make it unique to you. 
  • List qualities that make them a great friend. some ideas kind, thoughtful, caring
  • Finish the sentences:

    I am a good friend because….

    I am really good at ……

    I am proud of myself when….

    My special talent is…..

    I am unique because…..

    I have worked hard to improve……..

    I am thoughtful because…….

    I am an amazing person because…...


Road safety

  •  design a poster about how people can stay in a car.

Example- wearing seatbelts, drivers not using their mobile phone, no speeding.

     learn the green cross code: design a leaflet and poster giving clear instructions to others about safely crossing the road

Anti bullying

At Southbrook we have an excellent anti bullying team. Can you suggest anything that we can do as a team to promote anti bullying?

Design a poster saying what bullying is- can you remember the different ways someone can be bullied? How might someone feel if they were bullied? What can you do if you were being bullied? Some ideas would be to tell a trusted adult at home or at school.

Can you write a playlist of songs that you like and know that promote anti bullying? We have listened to lots in school here are a few that you choose and liked.


First Aid

We have completed the work on first Aid. Can you remember some of the important things?

Can you design your own first aid leaflet giving advice on what to do if someone is:

  • choking
  • Bleeding
  • If they have burnt themselves?
  • If someone faints

The St johns Ambulance website is fantastic for information that's we use in school and you tube have lots of clips of what to do.


 Keeping Safe

 There are a number of different ways that you can keep safe:

You learn lots about keeping safe in different situations. Very importantly keeping safe on the internet. There is a separate session on home learning for that.


You have learnt the underwear rule, and we played the "pantosaurus" song for you to sing and dance along to- this is a great way to remember the underwear rule.



Can you remember what the initials PANTS stands for when thinking about the underwear rule and keeping safe? Design you're own poster which we can display for others to learn it .

This link is a reminder about what PANTS stands for. Thinking about how you're body belongs to you and the private parts of you're body are private.

PANTS underwear rule

 The letter "T" is very important...….. Telling someone. Can you draw around your hand and on each finger write the name of people/adults that you trust in school and at home if you felt unsafe?

Design your own pair of pants, you could have 5 pairs spelling out the word and what each letter stand for.

There is also a helpline for children called childline where you can also talk to someone the number is 0800 11 11 or go on their website they have lots of information on there and you can chat in private online too.

childline website

PSHE Games and Quizzes

 This website has lots of quizzes of PSHE topics such as bullying, feelings and healthy eating

Have a look and see which ones you like:

PSHE quizzes

Anti bullying KAHOOT

anti bullying wordsearch