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Respect all — Always try hard — Make safe and healthy choices — Enjoy life

To advance the education, care and wellbeing of the pupils at the schools, to advance the education of other members of the community.

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Mindfulness and Well-being

All pupils participate in mindfulness in PSHE and other subjects across school.

What is mindfulness?

the simple practice of bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment"

Some mindfulness colouring sheets for you

positivity colouring pack

Mindfulness Colouring Bunting

EMBEDDED_PDF_{mindfulness powerpoint}


EMBEDDED_PDF_{Growth mindset powerpoint}


Some ideas for calming:

  • Breathing exercise and thinking about their own breathing. 4 second inhale, second hold, 8 second exhale. Building up to doing this 20 times.
  • Hand with breathing- stretch out hand on the table if easier, with pointer finger trace the fingers up and down. Slide up each finger slowly and slide down the other side. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Put it together and breathe as they slide up and breathe out as they slide down. Some students may need help (enablers hand under theirs to trace but talk to the student and ask if that ok)
  • One minute of silence just concentrating on their breathing- building this up to longer time over the term. What sounds did they hear, how did they feel?
  • Listen to a song/piece of music and draw whatever they want to when they hear it- can be patterns or shapes but just focusing on the song.

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