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week 14 fun games


This week you will participate in some fun activities before the Summer Holidays begin.


How many TV programmes and foods can you name in this fun activity Food Glorious Food


Print out and practise your communication skills with this  At the Restaurant game



week 13 Tourism


This week you will be looking at what types of holiday's there are and the reasons why people may choose a particular location to visit.  Where do you like visiting? Why did you like visiting there?

Look at the  activities below and choose the one you feel comfortable completing. You may complete more if you would like to.  Adult support and the internet can be used.


Tourist locations and reasons for visiting differentiated activities


Extra Activities

Tourism word search




week 12 Hotel Hygiene and problems


 Would you want to stay in dirty hotel? Would you go back to that same place if it wasn't clean? The answer is no, so it is vital that these places are kept clean and safe at all times, so customers want to return and give good feedback on websites such as Trip Advisor.


First look at this presentation on how hotels keep their rooms and communal areas clean and tidy, making sure you want to return sometime in the future or recommend to a friend.

Hotel Hygiene


Next, look at these hotel scenarios. Think about the problems a hotel can encounter on a daily basis. 

Think about:

How could you inform the hotel staff of a problem if you were a guest? 

How would you deal with a problem if you worked in the hotel?


Hotel Scenarios


week 11 Hotel Symbols and Icons



Hotels have many different facilities you can have access to when booking a room. Below is an example of a list of facilities available at a hotel. Have you stayed in a hotel? If so, what facilities did they have at the hotel? How many can you list? What facilities would you like if you were staying in a hotel?




Look at the different icons above and use the internet to complete the worksheet At the Hotel Vocabulary and Iconsyou may ask an adult for help.





week 10 Hospitality Jobs

 This week you will be looking at the different types of hospitality jobs and finding out information about them.


First watch this clip about different jobs in a hotel 


Next look at the worksheet below.

Find out information about the different job roles there are in a hotel and the skills you need to have to do these roles. Investigating Different Job Roles


Next, play this game  Jobs in the hotel with someone from your home. The person who remembers the most wins the game.


Week 9 Hospitality Settings


This week I thought it would be a good idea to start looking at another part of the Hospitality industry.


Holiday Accommodation


First watch this short presentation about different types of accommodation




How many different holiday accommodations can you find? Please look at the example I have provided and use the internet to find photos of different holiday accommodations. There are many unusual types of accommodation available, depending on the type of holiday you are looking for. In Peru you can sleep in a special tent that is attached to the side of a cliff or in Finland you can stay in an igloo that has a glass roof so you can look up at the Northern Lights. Once you have found at least 10 photos tell me which one you would like to stay in and why.





Week 7 Making a Cold Dessert


It is really essential to practise the techniques you have already learned in the kitchen and to also learn new ones. This also reminds you to use your food hygiene and safety knowledge and put this knowledge into practise. This week you are going to make a cold dessert of your choice with support.


First, look at the worksheet you need to follow when making your dessert. 

Making a Dessert with Support


Next, write up the recipe for your dessert, including the ingredients and method. Remember to use vocabulary such as sequence words  like first, next, then and after,

Recipeuse the Cooking Word Mat to help you with tricky words.


Extra activities

Cooking Terms Word Search


Have a go at these online games






Week 6 Mental Health Awareness Week

It is important that we look after our mental health in all areas of our lives.  This week, you are going to do some work on 'keeping ourselves healthy and happy' and to think about emotions and how these different emotions can effect ourselves and others around us.

First join in with the Yoga, breathe and feel good power point


Next, think about what keeps your body healthy and what keeps your mind healthy by completing this worksheet


Next, you are going to think about emotions. Being able to understand your own emotions a bit better and the emotions of others a bit better helps you to communicate and feel less anxious. Being able to communicate helps us to form friendships and this is good for our mental health.


Print out and play these games or you can make up your own game

Emotions Board Game

Emotions Charades (emotion cards to act out)


Extra activities

Healthy inside and out poem

Friendship Quiz



Week 5 Cooking Methods and Food Hygiene





This week you will be using the internet to research the different types of cooking methods used in the kitchen.


First watch this short video about different types of cooking methods.




Next use the information from the video, internet and adult support to complete the worksheet


Next have a go at the multiple choice quiz below


CLICK HERE to do the Food Hygiene and Safety Online Quiz


Week 5 Health and Safety

Think about what you learned when completing your Level One Food Hygeine and Safety course and see how much you can remember.

First, look at this powerpoint about food hygiene in the kitchen


Next, look  and see how many safety problems you can find in this interactive picture


Next choose from the following activities

Where does the food go in the fridge worksheet?

Health and Safety scenarios worksheet



week 4 Getting ready to cook

 Think about what you learned when completing your Level One Food Hygiene and Safety Course and the skills you gained when cooking and preparing drinks in school. You  may also use the internet to find out information.


First, complete the Getting Ready to Cook worksheet. Think about what you did before, during and after cooking to keep the environment clean and safe to prepare food and drinks.


Next, think about the different types of utensil you have learned to use and complete the Using Different Kitchen Equipment worksheet

You may want to take photos or a video of you using some utensils or equipment. Remember to ask an adult for support first. 



Food Safety word search

Food Safety crossword


Online Games









 Week 3 Making a Sandwich

Making a sandwich is a really good life skill to have, especially in Hospitality settings.

First watch this power point about how to make a jam sandwich. When you make your own sandwich you can have a filling of your choice.  Powerpoint


Next have a go at making a sandwich with support by following the instructions on this

Practical worksheet


Next have a go at this sequencing worksheets or write down the instructions on how you made your sandwich. You can use this worksheet template to help you set out your work or write your own.


Online Games

Food Hygiene and Safety games