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 Home Learning

Within these pages you will find work for your child to complete at home. Please click on each subject (see menu to the right) to get subject specific work. Below are some general ideas for you to try.

Live Online Lessons Suitable for SEND Pupils

Elevenses with The World of David Walliams - daily free audio story


A great resources for interactive lessons is this BBC website 


Online Choir App


Below are some of the top sites we know of who either always have free resources or have offered their resources and sites free in the event of mass school closures.

Online Lessons and Activities

General curriculum








Creative Ideas


Minecraft for Education


Maths Games and Activities


Digital Book Library


 Daily activities


Teach Your Monster to Read is a wonderful game made in association with leading educational experts and follows phonic phases 1, 2 and 3 in separate games. Perfect for EYFS through to KS1. Apps are available and paid for but the online website version is always free. Your child can follow their monster around and learn without realising how much they are learning to read!

2Simple’s Purple Mash is an online platform full of content which keeps children engaged and supported through the curriculum in every subject. Games, videos, activities and ebooks are available. Suitable for ages 4-11. Usually a paid subscription but free in event of closures.

Pobble is an online writing platform. They post a free picture a day with prompts for discussion and writing.

BBC Bitesize is always free and has videos, lessons, and games covering the whole curriculum all the way up to GCSEs.

Oxford Owl provides free ebooks all the time for children of primary age.

Duolingo is a free website made for language learning. One for all the family. Not specifically made for schools and you can pick whichever language you like. An initial assessment helps to pick up your current level if you want to improve rather than start from scratch.

Handwriting practice a bit a day will be essential for infant and junior age children. Handwriting Heroes has premium content and apps but their letter formation videos are always free so will help remind children of the right formation while practicing.

Music Theory has some content always free with lessons and exercises to do at home. For all ages and musical abilities.


The TTS group have created beautiful home learning booklets for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 which you can download totally free without even inputting an email address. A very generous offering from them and the learning is all fun and interesting with extras such as an opportunity for the whole family to learn fingerspelling. Long at over a 100 pages each you might want to pick your favourite pages to print or email the whole booklet home for parents to pick and choose from.

Twinkl provides resources and downloads for all curriculum areas. Usually their premium content requires a subscription but they are offering all resources free in the event of school closures.

Teacher’s Pet is another site offering lots of free printables for download across a wide range of subjects.

First News is a newspaper for children containing lots of (panic free!) sensible information on loads of the top international news stories. You can subscribe at a cost but everyone can download one digital copy for free at any time.


Below we also have some online educational games your child may like to access.