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To advance the education, care and wellbeing of the pupils at the schools, to advance the education of other members of the community.

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Remote Learning

At Southbrook, we are committed to delivering the best possible home learning offer if a young person is unable to attend school.

We will deliver remote learning through the use of Google Classrooms, although we acknowledge that some pupils may require additional resources or alternative formats and are committed to working with families to arrange the most suitable provision.

Each day pupils working from home can expect learning tasks for English, maths and at least one other subject. In addition, pupils will have access to reading every day.

Teachers are working hard to make sure that the learning offered over the course of each week is varied, engaging and relevant. It is important to us that the remote learning is aligned as much as possible to the learning that is taking place in school in order to minimise disruption as much as possible.

The work set may come from a range of sources. We subscribe to several learning platforms including MyMaths and Reading Eggs and may use a range of websites to support learning. There are also videos and activities made by our staff. This variety enables us to deliver learning that is as interesting and motivating as possible.

Google Classroom has the facility to host meetings and live lessons. Each week tutor groups will host a meeting, the purpose of which is to enable our pupils to stay in touch with friends and familiar colleagues, allowing them to sustain the positive relationships they have built over time. During these sessions, pupils who are absent from school can still feel connected, which we hope will have a positive impact on their wellbeing while at home.

We recognise that home learning can represent a challenge for many families. We will conduct welfare calls at least once a week. As part of this conversation, our teachers will discuss remote learning in order to support families. Discussions about the type of learning required and the quantity, as well as support with any technical issues, help us to reduce the pressure on families as much as possible while ensuring remote learning meets individual pupils’ needs. We will also take this opportunity to discuss any additional provision that may be required, perhaps linked to the pupils’ EHCP for example, and support families where there may be a lack of engagement with remote learning. Where access to a device has caused a barrier to remote learning, the school has worked with families to provide Chromebooks. 

Google Classrooms allows pupils to submit their work for teachers to see. Pupils engaging with remote learning will receive regular feedback from their teachers in a variety of ways. Through this use of feedback, we will show our pupils that the learning they do at home is valuable and worthwhile.

Below are a range of user guides which can be used to support in the use of Google Classroom. Alternatively, parents/ carers and pupils can get in touch with their tutors who will be happy to support them.


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