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To advance the education, care and wellbeing of the pupils at the schools, to advance the education of other members of the community.

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Vocational Skills

In Key Stage 4, our pupils experience and can specialise in a range of vocational options. These lessons allow our pupils to make decisions about their future based on experience, as well as the ability to learn skills that are transferrable to a range of future destinations. Our Vocational options  include:

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award helps our pupils learn the essential skills to help them thrive, including being valuable citizens. They begin in year 10 by doing a range of exciting and adventurous outdoor learning activities, before opting to take these further to achieve the award.

Hair and Barbering is an option in year 10 which can lead to a day a week at Hair@TheAcademy. Hair@theAcademy is a specialist training salon supporting young people with a variety of needs. It is an employment route and possible post-16 destination.

Childcare sessions allow our pupils to experience and learn about different roles within childcare sessions and well as how to plan activities for young people and how to maintain a healthy and safe environment for children.

Horticulture & Ground Maintenance sessions are held in our very own allotment. Our pupils gain basic skills and understanding of the care of plants, and knowledge of maintaining planted areas including; being able to produce a food/flower crop, when to carry out maintenance, the requirements of plants for healthy growth, how to propagate a plant, how to control a common weed or pest and the safe and appropriate use of tools and techniques for different jobs.

Catering is different from cooking at home in that it teaches our pupils about cooking for someone else to eat. They will learn about preparing food for cold presentation and for cooking safely and hygienically as well as the connection between food and health.

Hospitality: this option provide a general introduction to the hospitality industry. Pupils will learn the importance of good customer service and methods of communicating positively in routine situations. They will be required to present themselves appropriately.

Employability: This subject will give pupils the opportunity to find out about different types of work and workplaces. They will develop their own skills and qualities in relation to those needed at work and to use this understanding to identify key personal information needed for a job application. They will learn how to work successfully with others on group activities and be able to review their progress and skills development.