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To advance the education, care and wellbeing of the pupils at the schools, to advance the education of other members of the community.

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Physical Education

Physical Education and Sport at Southbrook School

Department Staff

Subject Leader – S Goss

Teaching Assistant – J Wenley


Southbrook is committed to providing opportunities for young people to participate, perform and lead in sport. We believe passionately in the difference that these opportunities can make to young people.

Southbrook aims to:

  • Equip every student with the confidence, skills and knowledge to engage in active, healthy lifestyles.
  • Enable all students with a talent for PE and sport to develop and progress to the level they desire.
  • Work with a range of partners to provide pathways from sporting participation to excellence.

What you will get at Southbrook

  • A high quality specialist PE Curriculum.
  • The opportunity to access a range of extra-curricular clubs during the school day.
  • A programme of competitive opportunities.
  • Access to specialist coaching in a range of sports.
  • Access to a programme of Outdoor Education including Ten Tors.

Curriculum Content

The curriculum is reviewed yearly to make sure it meets the needs of all pupils, where necessary content will be adjust, developed, extended or deleted depending pupil engagement, learning and progress. Currently KS3 pupils access two 50 minute sessions a week where they receive lessons in invasion games, striking and fielding, net/wall games, inclusion sports and athletics. KS4 pupils receive a similar diet, but also have the opportunity to opt in to an extra double lesson each week. This lesson involves extended curriculum opportunities off site which include tennis, orienteering and cross country running.


Pupils at KS3 are assessed at the end of each unit of work using the school informentor assessment tool. This allows pupil progress to be plotted across their time in the key stage 3. At KS4 all pupils follow the OCR entry level course and complete a variety of AQA awards.

Enrichment Activities

Throughout the academic year our pupils will also have the opportunity to experience a variety of other activities which will enhance, develop and promote their learning within the PE curriculum. These activities include things such as;

  • Intra school fixtures
  • Inter school fixtures
  • Sky Sports Leadership days
  • Termly Devon Ability Counts Competition days
  • Exeter College taster days such as Girls in Outdoor Education and BTEC level 2 certificate in sport
  • Chance to Shine cricket project
  • G & T days
  • Swimming galas
  • Orienteering competitions
  • Inclusion competitions in goalball etc.

Gifted and Talented

Pupils identified as G&T will have opportunities both in curriculum time and outside of school to extend their skills and talents in which ever sports they excel at. We currently have the number one 800m runner in the Country, a footballer who is representing the County and a swimmer on the verge of representing Great Britain.


All pupils that have been appropriately identified as having a need, receive physio treatment/exercises three times a week. Pupils also have access to regular core stability sessions which enhance their core and assist their learning process. These interventions and their success are monitor termly.

Outdoor Education Risk Assessments


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