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To advance the education, care and wellbeing of the pupils at the schools, to advance the education of other members of the community.

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Humanities Department Staff

History Subject Leader – P. Caschere

Geography Subkect Leader – R. Lewis

Teaching Assistant – J. Phillips, L Burt


In History lessons pupils learn about the major events, people and changes that have affected the world in the last 2000 years including Invaders and Settlers of Britain, The Early Modern Period and 20th Century World History. Geography lessons focus on the physical world and the impact of man on our planet. Pupils learn about the weather, rivers, settlements and plate tectonics as well as farming, fair trade and natural resources.

In all lessons pupils reinforce English learning by practising their skills in phonics, written work and speaking & listening. Next Steps marking practices are used to develop literacy skills. Maths is also reinforced by studying chronology and ICT skills are used in a practical setting by researching topics on the internet.

Introduction and plenary sessions are used to carry out formative assessment in every lesson. Summative assessment is made at the end of every module and used to track and record pupil progress.

Home learning is set with agreement of parents and can be used to develop gifted and talented learners.

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4 both history and geography are accredited through the AQA unit award scheme. The pupils study local geography and history, the geography and culture of a foreign country and modern British youth culture and can achieve a maximum of six separate awards.