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To advance the education, care and wellbeing of the pupils at the schools, to advance the education of other members of the community.

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Expressive Arts

At Southbrook we believe Expressive Arts is an ideal vehicle for our pupils to feel inspired, become more creative and gain the confidence to express themselves in many different ways. We have seen that these lessons boost self-esteem and develop social and communication skills through collaborative working.

Throughout the year all pupils develop knowledge and understanding in music, drama and movement. Many of these skills are of course transferable to other subject areas such as English, PE and PSHE.

We believe it is important to nurture a love for all creative arts in our school. Through Expressive Arts lessons and experiences, our pupils can develop their understanding of popular culture in the UK and the wider world. They learn skills associated with the performing arts, while also being enriched by the experiences on offer through visits from local artists and theatre companies.

 In Key Stage 3 pupils begin to gain confidence in expressing themselves through drama games and teamwork. They are involved with collaborative projects and presentations, which they evaluate. We recognise that not everyone wants to be a performer, and support our pupils to recognise that all contributions are valuable and vital, including those of stage/ film crews, writers and front of house staff.

In Key Stage 4, our pupils deepen their knowledge and understanding into areas such as characterisation, movement and gesture and use of the voice. They also gain a deeper understanding of technical elements such as set design, sound and light, costumes, props and make up. They also have opportunities to perform published works, gaining an understanding of the role of the writer and director, and the role music can play in filmed works.

Performing Arts lessons contribute towards a range of Entry Level WJEC accredited units for Personal Progress, as well as personalised targets linked to EHCP outcomes.