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To advance the education, care and wellbeing of the pupils at the schools, to advance the education of other members of the community.

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Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts Department Staff

Subject Leader – F Witcombe

Teaching Assistant – M Carter

Various Teaching Assistants assigned to each tutor group


At Southbrook we believe Expressive Arts is an ideal vehicle for children and young people to feel inspired, become more creative and gain the confidence to express themselves in many different ways. Boost self-esteem and develops social and communication skills through collaboration

We pride ourselves in allocating two Expressive Arts sessions per week in Key Stage 3 and are developing a Performing Arts course for those who wish to opt for the subject in Key Stage 4.

Throughout the year all pupils develop knowledge and understanding in Music, Drama and Movement. Many of these skills are of course transferable to other subject areas such as English, PE and PSHE

We believe it is important to nurture a love and value for all creative arts in our school and work hard to develop an appreciation of aesthetic and cultural values, identities and ideas. In Expressive Arts we provide children with many opportunities for them to deepen their understanding of popular culture in the UK and the wider world.                        Their experiences are enhanced and enriched through partnerships with professional Performing Arts and cultural organisations – also local artists and theatre companies

We base our assessment in Expressive Arts on our learners’ skills and abilities to express themselves through the three significant aspects of learningcreating, presenting, evaluating and appreciating in Drama, Music and Movement.


Key Stage 3:

Throughout the year pupils will:

  • Begin to gain confidence in expressing themselves through drama games and collaborative team work
  • Develop performance skills in Drama, Music and Movement
  • Contribute to the devising process towards a final presentation
  • Practise and evaluate each other’s work throughout the rehearsal process
  • Participate in a variety of live performances – either as a performer, stage crew or with front of house responsibilities
  • Develop an knowledge and understanding of basic chords and rhythms


Key Stage 4:

In Key Stage 4 pupils complete an entry level qualifications provided by APT.

As part of this course pupils will

  • Begin to development more specific performance skills;Characterisation

    Movement and Gesture

    Expressive use of the voice


  • Work collaboratively on devising a performance for a younger audience focussing on technical elements such as set design, sound and light and begin to consider aspects of stage craft such as costumes, props and make up.
  • Begin to understand the role of writer and director in terms of how to interpret published and devised works 
  • Develop skills in performing for different genres such as short films and music videos