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Art and Design 

Department Staff

Teacher – N Galbraith

Teaching Assistant – D.Cassidy


  • The aims of the Art and Design department are that all children will enjoy and participate in the art lessons and be aware of art throughout the school and local environment. Participating and enjoying Art at Southbrook nurtures individuality and self- belief. Art is a powerful tool of self-expression and communication.This is evident through success at GCSE level, art displayed in the RD and E Hospital, ISCA college whole school Art Day and Artist in residencies throughout the year. The annual Art GCSE Exhibition celebrates the achievements of Year 11 Art GCSE pupils and provides all pupils in school to see a wide range of art, textiles, photography and 3-Dimensional art work.


  • Art therapy is being developed and offered to some pupils who respond well to this therapeutic approach. Using Art as a way of processing, understanding and working through any issues they may have individually.


  • Art lessons give all pupils the opportunity to explore an exciting range of multi-sensory materials, techniques and processes and to develop an understanding of these new skills. 
  • Textiles such as batik and printmaking are areas that are being successfully developed in the department. More and more pupils enjoy the challenge of realizing their ideas in a 3-Dimensional way using a wide range of art materials.


  • Pupils are given the opportunity to express their ideas and feelings using subject specific vocabulary and specialist terms. An Art word bank is being developed using ‘Widgit Online’ to support the understanding of specialist art vocabulary.


  • Art lessons aim to develop and nurture pupils’ self-confidence through evaluating their own art work in groups using a child-centered approach. These ‘discussions’ enable more confident children, who are able to discuss the wide range of visual media around them. Paintings, sculptures, fashion, design, architecture, film and music are integral to conversations and class discussions. Pupils should become more aware of different cultural beliefs and life-styles and how these are now part of their world. Pupil self-evaluation supports this aim. 
  • The skills pupils develop improve ability to record visually through direct observational drawing. Pupils are encouraged to observe the environment they are part of and enjoy the visual and tactile aspects of their lives, drawing on their immediate and local environment. 
  • Cross-curricular projects with English, Music and DT further develop an understanding of art within the pupils’ lives. The Art and Technology GCSE groups have worked together to produce furniture designs (for school seating) based upon the Schools Healthy Eating initiative. The Taiko Drumming group T-Shirt design was run as an Art Competition. The Art and English Departments worked collaboratively with Darrell Wakeman to design and build the 3-Dimensional Literary portraits in the hall. 

    Art and Design at KS4

    The Edexcel GCSE Art and Design course is a two year course which involves learning and developing new art and design skills and processes such as painting, drawing, 3-D sculpture, textile design such as poly-printing, batik and fabric painting. Collage and mixed media design techniques using a range of media are used to record ideas and observations. Research is a vital part of the art course and pupils learn about the work of artists, different styles and genres and the context that the art work was created in.

  • The final GCSE Art external exam worth 40% of final mark is completed in the Spring term of year 11.
  • Two Units of Coursework – worth 60% of final marks- are submitted in response to themes such as:

Me, Myself and I – Portraiture

Cultural Textiles, Masks and Body Adornment – Pattern, Shape, Form, Function

Our Environment – Street Art, Graffiti, Architecture, Futuristic Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Your son or daughter will succeed on this course if they have an enthusiastic approach to experimenting with a range of art materials and media. If they delight in all things visual and artistic, have lots of ideas and an imagination. A willingness to work hard and stick with the art course shows commitment and develops skills for future courses and the workplace.