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To advance the education, care and wellbeing of the pupils at the schools, to advance the education of other members of the community.

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Participating and enjoying Art at Southbrook nurtures individuality and self- belief. Art is a powerful tool of self-expression and communication. All of our pupils have the opportunity to explore and develop their creativity through a broad range of media.

Art at Southbrook has strong links with English, developing the use of subject specific as well as every-day vocabulary. Through art, pupils can explore their own feelings and emotions, helping them to self-regulate through increased emotional literacy. Life skills in the form of independence skills, time management and self-efficacy are evident in our art lessons.

As the pupils progress throughout the school, they are exposed to a huge variety of media, techniques and processes. Beginning with mark-making, they develop knowledge of drawing and painting techniques on paper, fabric and a host of other materials, as well as 3D sculptural techniques, including the use of clay and paper mache. Over time, our pupils learn to use these materials and techniques for different purposes. Pupils are encouraged to observe the environment they are part of and enjoy the visual and tactile aspects of their lives, drawing on their immediate and local environment. 

 Our art curriculum allows pupils to experience art from a range of cultures, and periods in history. We have seen that art can be a powerful tool for developing tolerance and greater cultural understanding, as well as allowing pupils to develop their love of learning.  

Cross curricular projects are fostered wherever possible. For example, the Art and English Departments worked collaboratively with Darrell Wakeman to design and build the 3-Dimensional Literary portraits in the hall. 

 In KS3, pupils engage in art linked to a theme which helps them make connections between their knowledge from other subjects and deepen their learning within that theme. They explore a full range of media and associated techniques and begin to develop their understanding of their preferences, strengths and areas for development.

This leads nicely into KS4, where pupils have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding, and our teachers support pupils to engage with the creative process. Research is a vital part of the art course and pupils learn about the work of artists, different styles and genres and the context that the art work was created in. The work created in KS4 will contribute towards the achievement of WJEC unit qualifications. In KS4, we foster a willingness to work hard and with greater autonomy, allowing pupils to develop the skills they will use on future courses and within the workplace.