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Computing Year 9 Home Learning

Week Commencing 01/06/2020

Learning Activities / Web Links / Worksheets

|The focus of this week's learning is going to be on Internet Safety. We have done lots of work on this in Computing so hopefully you will be confident with the activities.


First, have a go at the Internet Safety crossword below - you could print the sheet off or record your answers on paper or even email them to me to save some paper!

When you have completed the crossword, see if you can think about the different ways that you use the internet. This is called your "digital footprint" - have a go at recording the different ways you use the internet on the footprint below. Make sure to include text and some pictures too!


(examples of ways you use the internet may include - gaming, YouTube, social media, researching)


Previous Learning

Session General Notes Learning Activities / Web Links / Worksheets
1 This unit is going to recap our programming learning and we will revisit Hour of Code activities. Each session will give you the opportunity to look at a specific Hour of Code task.

Dance Party Coding

Have a go at the Hour of Code activity above.


Use the videos and follow the instructions carefully to make your way through the task.


Programming often requires a trial and error approach.


If your code doesn't work the first time, try changing blocks to see where you have gone wrong.

Minecraft Hour of Code

Select one of the Minecraft coding activities to complete from the link above.


You might find it helpful to write down the instructions you want to use before programming them in.


This will help you to spot any "bugs" in your code.

Flappy Bird Coding game

See how you get on with coding the Flappy Bird game above.


Star Wars teacher notes

The notes in the link above are helpful for those that are either struggling or looking to extend the activity further.

Using a logical approach, see how far you can get with the Star Wars coding activity below. 

Star Wars Hour of Code

5 See if you can use the "Show code" option after you finish a level to see the real code that you used to program the different objects. Write your first computer program