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Computing Year 8 Home Learning

Week Commencing 01/06/2020

Learning Activities / Web Links / Worksheets

This week we are going to focus on staying safe on the internet. First, have a look at the PDF below and see if you can think of some things that you would need to keep safe in each of the situations.


Next, we have done lots of work in Computing about rules for keeping yourself self online. See if you can use this learning to come up with five rules for staying safe on the internet - you could use the worksheet below to record your answers on.


Previous Learning

Session General Notes Learning activities / web links / worksheets
1 This lesson is a recap of some of the binary learning we were doing at school earlier in the year.

Use the Binary PowerPoint below to have a go at creating your own binary messages and see if someone at home can decode them!

Binary Code PowerPoint


2 You will need to use a search engine for this task (e.g. Google)

Can you create a fact file about Binary?

Try to answer some of the questions below to include in your fact file:


Who invented the binary number system?

What technology uses binary?

Different binary coding systems


Try to create your fact file on a computer and include images as well as text - You could even include a binary message that needs decoding!

3 Follow the link to complete the quiz - no cheating!!

Using the link below, have a go at completing the Kahoot quiz about the development of ICT. Please use your own name so that I can see who has played.





I have been inspired by the P.E. with Joe workouts online but I need your help to keep fit! 


Can you create an exercise routine on either Word or Publisher that someone could follow?


You need to include:

The name of the exercise

Pictures of the exercise (these can be sourced online)

Explanation of how to do the exercise

How long does each exercise last?

How long is the rest period between exercises?