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Computing KS4 Planning

Have a go at these different activities to keep your Computing skills sharp!

Session General Notes Learning Activities / Web Links / Worksheets

Try to use a logical approach to solving the programming problems.


It might help for you to write down your instructions before programming them in.

Explore the page in the link below and have a go at some of the different Coding activities. Can you complete any of them?


Hour of Code activites


There are various levels of difficulty with this site. 


It might be worth trying a lower level first to really see if you can get the typing technique mastered!

Use the link to the Typing practice site below to see if you can develop your touch typing skills.


It will help you improve your typing skills in no time!


Kidz Type

3 If you are familiar with Scratch, see if you can adapt any of the activities to create your own project!

This session is all about developing our programming skills.


Use the link below to have a go at some of the Scratch Projects! There are useful tips and videos to help you.


Scratch Project Ideas


You will need Flash Player enabled to have a go at this task.


If you want to be able to save your work, there is an option to create an account for free so that your progress is saved. The children could use their school email accounts.

Arcade Game Maker

The link above allows you to create your own arcade style (Super Mario / Sonic etc) games.


See if you can create a game with different levels of difficulty and then get someone to test it!