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Respect all — Always try hard — Make safe and healthy choices — Enjoy life

To advance the education, care and wellbeing of the pupils at the schools, to advance the education of other members of the community.

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Welcome to our weekly bulletin. Here you will find snippets of information about what is going on at Southbrook.

Weekly Update 19th May 2024

Capacity Maths Lesson: AW class had a fun and engaging lesson learning about capacity. The lesson was practical and allowed them to explore the key vocabulary through a range of tasks that encouraged independent exploration. Excellent work AW!


DT woodwork: It was a pleasure to see 9RG in their DT lesson recently. They are making sweet dispensers from wood, using a range of techniques and tools. They all understood the mechanism they were trying to create and the importance of ensuring the parts fit together accurately, and run smoothly. Each pupil had the opportunity to use the pillar drill and electric sander as well as drills and other hand-tools. They were highly motivated to complete their tasks to a high standard and keen to share what they had achieved.


Haven Banks LG class: It was great to hear all about the progress that members of LG class have made during a recent trip to Haven Banks. One pupil was particularly keen to share how well she had done while climbing, and her enthusiasm for this form of exercise has meant it is now being included in her personalised Post 16 offer. It was also great to hear about the teamwork needed to propel the bell boat; this skill was later referred to in a recent lesson on CV writing.


Catering: Year 11s made banana bread muffins, and these were gratefully accepted by the participants of Jubilee Challenge last Saturday. Last week, they continued their ‘cooking around the world’ work with American-style pancakes. Year 10 took a close look at Greek food, with TA Oli showing the pupils how to make souvlaki and tzatziki.


Year 7 Induction Day: Friday’s transition day for new year 7 pupils, who will join us in year 7, was a lot of fun. It was great to have so many pupils, therapists and staff support this and the feedback from new parents and pupils was very positive. We had a 100% turnout which means we have met all of the new pupils as part of the transition process. Bobbie, the therapy dog, also made an excellent contribution, very quickly winning over the new pupils. Special thanks to Mrs Boundy, who organised and delivered the excellent sessions and made sure their first lesson at Southbrook was a positive one.


One more week until the half term break, and we will welcome the pupils back on 3rd June.


A warmWelcome

Thank you for vising our website and welcome to Southbrook School.

Southbrook is a special school for pupils aged 11 to 16, with varied complex needs and abilities including moderate or severe learning difficulties and autism. Our pupils may also have speech, language and communication difficulties, sensory impairments and/or physical disabilities. All of our pupils have Education Health Care Plans. We are a Local Authority Maintained School with Foundation Trust status, and, along with 9 other special schools in Devon, are a member of SENtient Trust.

We are rapidly developing and aim for continued improvement to ensure that everyone makes the best possible progress. Our mission is to deliver a personalised curriculum that promotes independence, resilience and gives every pupil the skills they need for future success and development. As such we have developed the following purpose statements to guide the work we do:

The purpose of Southbrook School:

To provide a broad and specialised curriculum designed to build independence and resilience, and prepare every pupil for the next stage of their education and their lives.

To provide a safe and nurturing environment in which pupils can experience success, gain key knowledge and develop an understanding of their communities.

We pride ourselves on having a child-centred ethos and we are dedicated to ensuring that, through our exciting curriculum and excellent use of resources, every child has the opportunity to be the very best they can be!

At all times, we seek to:

  • Respect all
  • Always try hard
  • Make safe and healthy choices
  • Enjoy life

Simon Winward - Head Teacher