School Council

The School Council plays a vitally important role at Southbrook as a forum for pupils to put forward their views and suggestions for improvements. School Councillors are elected from each tutor group and every year group has two representatives.  Meetings are an excellent place for discussion, and we have some heated debates!

The School Council has regular meetings, at least every half term, sometimes more often, depending on the issues we are dealing with. 

We have important rules that have been agreed, about making sure that everybody has the chance to be heard and state their views.  We work as a democracy and pupils are helped to understand the importance of fairness and voting.  It can sometimes be difficult if your vote does not win!

In the last academic year, School Councillors have made suggestions about improving lunch and lunch clubs which have now been extended so there is a wider choice; year 10 and 11 School Councillors have reviewed and commented on how much they have liked the setting for Key stage 4 English and Maths.  They felt they are able to learn more and make better progress.

The biggest piece of work in 2016 was been the consultation and change that the School Council have initiated for the School Uniform.  They carried out a school wide survey with parents and pupils and ran a new school logo competition amongst all pupils.  Voting took place with Governors included, and as from April 2016 a new school uniform will be phased in.

This year the School Council are working on a joint project entitled 'Listen to Us', with other special schools in the Sentient Trust.

They have ordered badges for all School Councillors so everyone in the school knows who they are.

Our School Council for the 2016/2017 academic year (above) have been working hard to ensure that the pupil voice is heard on a number of matters across the school. 
Last year's School Council choosing our new school uniform.