Today we had our first table top sale of allotment produce. We made over £20 selling produce to local residents. We will continue to do this every week. 

Allotment Sale

At 10am on Friday 2nd October we will be having a table top sale of fresh produce grown in our school allotment. This is the first time we have done this and hope to start making it a regular activity.

If you would like to come and have a look at what we have grown and maybe buy some fresh veggies than it would be great to see you.

Everything is 50p a bag and we are going to be selling;


Thank you from the Horticulture Group at Southbrook School
Allotment Update - 03/02/16
Today we started to erect the new greenhouse in the school allotment. We have been putting the panels together for the last few weeks after school and it is starting to finally take shape. Mr Caschere, Leighton and Sam from Year 11 have been helping and next week the roof goes on and it will hopefully be watertight soon!
Here is a breakdown of the sowing programme for the allotment for 2016 (below). There is a lot planned and the list of crops that will be harvested should enable us to produce fruit and vegetables for sale, the school and also St David’s Soup Kitchen.
Allotment Update - 26/02/16

Here are year 11 pupils making staging for the allotment.  Next week should see completion of the greenhouse project.

Allotment Update - 04/03/16
Allotment Update - 17/03/16
Here is the start of the new polytunnel. This will hopefully be completed just after the easter holidays.