10th October 2016

What is World Space Week?
World Space Week is an international celebration of space science and technology, and how they can increase our understanding of the universe and make our lives better.
It is held each year from the 4th to the10th of October.
So what’s been going on?
Very recently, the Rosetta satellite, after 10 years of travelling through space sent a lander to investigate comet 67P. You can find out more about this exciting event by following these links.
Rosetta – Living with comet 67P
Interactive 3D animation of Comet 67P made from Rosetta’s images
Water plumes on Europa
Also in the news recently: the NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has observed water vapour above the frigid south polar region of Jupiter's moon Europa, providing the first strong evidence of water plumes erupting off the moon's surface.
You can find out more by following these links
What has space done for us?  Investigate ‘Space science in our everyday lives’:
Finally, there are lots of fun space activities for you to do at the NASA Space Place
Enjoy World Space Week
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