World Book Day 2015

17th March 2015

On Thursday 5th March we celebrated World Book Day at Southbrook. Pupils and staff came dressed as book characters for the day, helping the school raise £83.10 for Book Aid International. 

Leading the celebrations was the English department who transformed classrooms into book themes including a Harry Potter potions class, Hunger Games and a Horrible Histories plague pit. Throughout the day students enjoyed concocting their own potions and exploring the past.

All subjects embraced the celebrations making it an amazing cross-curricular event. During the week in Maths pupils looked at The Shape Game by Anthony Browne. Creating their own versions of the game, they transformed school bins into aliens and shelter areas into spaceships.

The creativity didn’t stop there with Design and Technology lessons focusing on The Trouble with Dad by Babette Cole, with pupils inventing their own robots that cause havoc.

In Science, Year 10 students experimented with air pressure and chemical reactions to create forces to power a rocket, and in Art they started making reading flower pot men for the library garden.

In Expressive Arts there were Shakespeare insults being thrown about, and in Food Technology children were sneakily cooking Stickjaw Toffees for Talkative Parents, from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Key Stage 3 experienced a trip around the world in Geography. Trying food from all corners of the globe, pupils looked at atlas’ and cook books, valuing the important information books give us.

Finally pupils had great fun throughout the day in PE. Some Year 7’s travelled to the woods to look for the Gruffalo, whilst back in school, Wally visited for the day. Students had to decode clues hidden around in the grounds to discover where Wally was hiding.

Overall it was a fantastic day for all and a big thank you to all the staff that helped organise and support the event.  

Some pictures for you to view are below.