Work Experience Information

6th July 2017

5th July 2017

To all current Year 10s

Dear Parents/carers/guardians,

Work Experience

In September your son/daughter will start work experience. This will start on the first Friday back in September.  Work experience will then continue every Friday until October half-term and then will resume after the Christmas holidays.

Work experience is an important part of our Key Stage 4 curriculum and is a chance for all Year 11s to learn work skills, employability and team work. Some pupils carry out placements on their own and others as a small group supported by adults from the school.

Some of the places we have used in previous years include local charity shops, Exeter Scrapstore, Dawlish Gardens Trust, Exeter library and The Co-op. We do try to find placements near where pupils live and we also try to use placements that we have used successfully in the past.

In the next few weeks we will be discussing placements with your son/daughter and I will be contacting you shortly with information as to where they will be going and travel arrangements.

All of the work placements have to go through a company called Devon Business Partnership which undergoes safety and safeguarding checks. As a result, not all placements that the pupils or parents might want can be accommodated.  Please be patient, however, and rest assured that placements in the past have all been successful and have enabled pupils to progress and be successful.

Kind regards,

Alan Tilley

Assistant Headteacher