Wildlife Champions Network

The Wildlife Champions Network consists of a number of projects we are working towards! As we complete them, they will appear below!
Bird Feeding Project

8FW and 9PC are learning about how to take care of birds in the winter time. When the weather is cold and the ground may be frozen, some garden birds can find it difficult to find food. In a cold winter, a million birds might die in one year! We have a bird feeder on the school allotment that we are filling up with seed daily. We are also making bird feeders during our Life Skills and Design Technology lessons. We are trying to put them up all over Devon to allow more birds to survive this winter. Students have taken their own bird feeders home in order to spread seed across Devon. In Life Skills we have mapped out the destination of where our bird feeders are hung. The bird feeding project is for the Wildlife Champs and we as a school hope to make a big difference to Devon’s birds.

Litter Project

The 8CD class have been looking at litter problems around the school area. We did a litter pick survey and we found most or the litter around the tuck shop.  We are making posters which will be put up around school. We are writing to Mrs Vicary to ask her for an extra bin around the tuck shop.   

Bug Hotel

This week, 8CD spent a morning with Paul Martin from the Devon Wildlife Trust building a Bug Hotel by the school pond. We upcycled some old playground bench tops to create a habitat that will encourage useful minibeasts such as woodlice, moths, ladybirds and butterflies to live on our school grounds. This will help to pollenate our allotment, keep down pests and even help to feed the birds!

With a lot of hard work we created the biggest bug hotel that the DWT had ever seen – we named it Bugopolis! It has a turf roof and is filled with lots of different materials for small creatures to live in. We even made a place for hedgehogs to hibernate! Everyone worked really hard on this project and we are looking forward to seeing which bugs move in!