Wildlife Champions at St Peters School in Exeter

5th October 2015

On Monday 5th of October we took 14 pupils to take part in the ‘Wildlife Champions’ conference at St Peter’s School in Exeter.

We took part in workshops covering, Filmmaking, Marine Pollution and Wildlife garden design and participated in a variety of activities including planting Bee and Butterfly friendly plants, preparing the ground for a wildflower meadow, tree identification and a final challenge to build a Beaver dam. At which we excelled!  A brilliant time was had by all and we hope to take what we have learned forward to enhance and expand our ‘Wildlife and Allotment areas around the school.  We hope to make a short ‘news’ film to show our work and enter it as part of next years ‘Wildlife Champions’ challenge.

At the end of the day Luke Forrest-Gelley received a trophy on behalf of last years group for their work on oceanic plastic pollution.