23rd March 2017

It’s been a really exciting couple of months for Miss Shabytah’s class in Expressive Arts.

For six weeks, Exeter University drama students (Amber, Naomi, Rosie, Sophie and Sam) have been working with pupils in 8GS to create a brand new play for children.

Together they became ForeFront Theatre Company, and each Monday afternoon the students and twelve Year 8 pupils worked together to come up with lots of creative ideas for the characters and plot in the show, which was based around the theme of celebrating our differences. The process was truly collaborative, involving lots of great teamwork and building on our social skills. The students and pupils worked brilliantly together making the set and choreographing the dances. They even wrote lyrics for a song !

Yesterday (22nd March), the play was presented for the very first time and it was AMAZING. It was fun watching the University students perform and seeing the way that they had used all the ideas that had been dreamt up during the project. The play was very funny in parts with lots of opportunity for audience participation, but it also had a serious message about accepting that we are all different … not to mention unique !

What a lovely experience for all involved.