SWH does Maths!

13th February 2015

Our partnership with South West Highways continues...

Years 7 and 8 had a great Maths enrichment day with SWH on Friday 6th Feb. We were lucky enough to have one of SWH employees come into school with his measuring equipment. Brendan explained about what types of jobs SWH deal with (Reece in Year 7 was very knowledgeable!) and how they try and keep pedestrians and road users safe. We had set out a track around the playground with some ‘pretend’ hazards. The pupils had to use a table to help them identify the hazards and the measurements they had to use to place a warning sign in the correct place to keep the cyclists safe.

Brendan had brought in some proper signs, hard hats, high visibility jackets and his special measuring wheel. All pupils were keen to wear the clothing and use the special wheel.

It was a great experience and an excellent way to solve real life problems as well as actually measuring accurately.

Thank you SWH!