Start Bay Residential

Slapton Residential – Monday

We arrived at about 11am and are very excited – pupils and staff alike! Everyone made their own bed before we ate our lunch in the lovely garden. This afternoon we have been completing some team challenges and took some great pictures! After dinner tonight we are using the low ropes assault course in the grounds of the start Bay Centre.
Slapton Residential – Tuesday

Today we have been to two beaches – first to try out beach bouldering at Mattiscombeand then after a cliff top walk we visited Lannacombe to dip in the rock pools. We found lots of marine life including crabs and shrimps. It has been a very hot day so we needed an ice cream on the way home! Another great day!

Slapton Residential – Wednesday

We have spent today in the ancient woodlands in Slapton. They are over 100 years old and are currently managed by the Field Studies Council. We hunted for minibeasts and learnt about food chains and how the smallest creatures are essential to life on our planet. For lunch we made bread and cooked it over a fire that we made ourselves – it was very tasty!

In the afternoon we dipped the pond and found some amazing pond creatures, including newts and dragonfly larvae. We made some clay models of the creatures that we have been learning about on our residential trip – we’ll bring these back to school on Friday.

Slapton Residential  Thursday

What a fantastic day! In the morning we walked around the Slapton nature reserve. We dipped for minibeasts in the lake and took wax rubbings of woodland images before going to the beach for the afternoon. We liked building shelters and best of all going to the ice cream shop at the end of the day! We are looking forward to the last night disco tonight and hope to be back at school by 2pm tomorrow (Friday 10th July).