French Residential 2016

This year we are running an exciting residential to Normandy in France. This will be from Monday the 11th July until Friday 15th July. We will be taking a coach to Portsmouth and then catching a ferry over to France before heading along to Normandy. During the trip we will be visiting the famous Bayeux Tapestry, Falaise Castle and the beaches where the Allied Troops landed during WW2. The deadline for the deposit of £50 is Friday 25th September.

Here is some information for you to look at regarding the forthcoming French residential in July. We will be travelling by coach, ferry and then coach to our destination in Normandy and staying at a hotel called the CPCV Normandie. The website for this hotel is . Do if you get a chance do have a look at some of the sites and towns we will be visiting. It is a beautiful part of France and there will be a lot to see and take in. Also, please start to get used to learning some French words and phrases before we go. The following websites might help you get started;


More information will be posted as we nearer the deadline to going. There will also be a meeting for all parents, carers and pupils after Easter.

Please take a look at the files below for more information.

If you have any concerns or questions then please feel free to ask Mr Tilley.

French Residential Update - 22/06/16

Can all pupil’s money be brought into school in a sealed envelope by Thursday 7th July and handed into the school office. We suggest taking about €60 and £10 sterling.

Can all medication for the trip be brought in during the week starting 4th July and handed into reception.

Please ensure that you have everything on the kit list and that you have packed a towel. You can bring a suitcase or a suitable large holdall together with a small day sack.

On the first day your son / daughter will need a packed lunch. Can you please make sure they have a large lunch as it will be a long trip on day 1.

Lastly, please practice a little French at home so that we can blend in as soon as we hit the beaches of Normandy!

Some pictures we've received from the group during the week so far: