The Big Project 3 (III)

25th October 2013

Southbrook School recently took part in The Big Project III. It was a competition designed to encourage children to grow, care for, harvest, cook and eat their own food. This is something that Southbrook students do on a regular basis and so they set to it eagerly in the Spring. Obviously British weather being as it is, the vast amounts of rain that fell in the Spring was a hindrance but they persevered. In D&T, Mr Veal taught students how to make use of old wood to make garden troughs and then planted them up with salad stuff. In Art, Mrs Galbraith helped the students to make bunting using the PE departments old vests. The project ran and ran through the spring term and into the summer when the crops started to be harvested, cooked and eaten. At the end of July we heard that we had been awarded 2nd place with a cheque for £500! Our next big ‘project’ is to decide how to spend the money!

Mrs Titchen.