8th June 2017

Year 7 pupils had a wonderful songwriting experience on Tuesday afternoon when folk musicians Lisa Knapp and Nathaniel Mann ran a workshop based on the writing and singing of broadside ballads.

Broadside ballads were one-sided, printed songsheets pubished all across Northern Europe. They brought the news, social commentary and entertainment to the general public.

Lisa and Nathaniel explained the history of the ballads and sang one to the pupils. The children then sang along to Lisa's fiddle accompaniment.

Our Year 7s were next introduced to a local ballad from ages past. With Lisa and Nathaniel's help, they changed key words to make the song more exciting and entertaining. Pleased with their new version of the classic ballad, they sang it together, with many unable to resist the urge to dance!

The finale of the workshop was a fun-filled celebration of singing and dancing as the Expressive Arts room reverberated to the music.

Lisa Knapp and Nathaniel Mann are established stage performers. Lisa has released two CDs of her own music. Links to their websites are below.