Department Staff

Subject Leader - K Wharton-Darke

Teacher - H Veal

Teacher - J Large

Teacher - J Evora

Teaching Assistant - Z Barnes

Teaching Assistant - E Dykes

Teaching Assistant - S Willows 

Key Stage 3:


At Southbrook, all pupils receive 5 discreet lessons of Maths a week in Key Stage 3 and 4 lessons in Key Stage 4. In addition to this they have opportunities to embed their learning in other areas of the curriculum, using the skills they have learned to develop real life skills.

Our aim in Maths is to ensure that all our pupils become more competent and confident applying what they are learning to everyday situations while enjoying developing their skills.

What will I Learn?

  • Number

  • Shape, Space and Measure

  • Data Handling

  • Applying skills.

Key Stage 4:


In Key Stage 4 pupil’s will complete either AQA Entry Levels 1-3 or GCSE depending on ability. In addition to this, they will focus on their individual maths targets throughout the year.

Assessment details

AQA Entry Level qualifications are teacher marked and then externally moderated. Pupils need to demonstrate that they can complete a portfolio of work.

GCSE’s are externally moderated.

Key Words

Please see the list of key words for Maths at the bottom of the page.