GreenPower F24 Challenge

22nd June 2015

Racing Success

On Thursday 18th June seven pupils from Southbrook raced our electric car at St. Mawgan airfield in Cornwall in the Greenpower F24 challenge. The event is an endurance test to see how many laps of the circuit our car could do on one set of batteries in one and a half hours.

We set off at 6:30 in the morning for the drive to Newquay and arrived just in time for scrutineering. After a few modifications our car passed its safety test and we were ready to race. Our first driver was Emma who completed five laps – then Glynn and Anthony did a lap each before handing the steering wheel back to Emma for another five laps. Our car was lapping in about 4 ½ minutes – a big improvement on the 6 ½ minute laps we were doing last year. The pit stops were all very fast and professionally managed by our pit team of Zac, Tyler, James and others. Our last pit stop saw Glynn take over again but a crash in to the barriers on the back straight meant that our race was over about 15 minutes from the end.

We completed about twelve laps which was a very good result.  Everyone in the team did a brilliant job and the adults on the trip were very pleased with the excellent effort and behaviour all day. It was amazing to be racing on a working air field – aeroplanes were taking off from our race track and we had to drive around an Airbus to get to the start line! Well done Team SB – what a brilliant day.

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