Enterprise Project

On Friday 23rd November, our Year 11's were involved in the start of a 'Young Apprentice' enterprise activity run by Education Business Partnership. You can find out more information at http://www.devonebp.org.uk/

Pupils were put into 4 teams and have been given the task of taking an existing product, re-marketing this and pitching to a panel of business leaders. The most successful team will win a free business lunch.

This week we had to give everyone in the team a role, design a company logo, create a product name and also start to design what our product would look like. The project manager for each team then had to complete a business plan and set our goals for the next few weeks.

Here are some of the photos of the first day and the activities that went on. Of the teams, two are re-marketing a luggage bag whilst the others have chosen a children's toy and a tent! Next week we will be carrying out some market research in Exeter and then starting to finalise our business plan ready for the pitch day!

Below are some pictures from the final day of the Enterprise Project.
The four teams had to present their product and pitch to 4 judges and use all their skills to persuade these local business leaders to invest. The pupils produced a business plan, sales presentation and also showed off potential products to the judges.
Well done everyone! Lots of skills were developed and the hard work paid off. Well done to Mr Goss's team who were judged to be overall winners and win the prize of a pizza lunch.
Enterprise Day 2
'Today we had another visit from Yvonne and Charlie at DEBI and split into 4 teams with the simple brief of designing, making and marketing a children's toy. Here are some of the pictures of a very creative day where the teams made a trio of sheepdogs, a hamster carrier, a cat scratcher and  a Dalek robot. All the teams did really well, worked hard and were a credit to themselves.'