Ellen Tinkham

Ellen Tinkham offer a personalised, bespoke curriculum responsive to the needs of the individual.

KS5 students will benefit from:

 A person centred and flexible approach to education, health and social care  Access to living, learning, enrichment and work opportunities within their local Communities  Social opportunities with people their own age, avoiding the isolation that many young adults with disabilities face  Total communication environment  A rights respecting ethos


All students will access our core offer. This includes:


Self-determination: Advocacy; person centred planning; Communication and Decision making; social and independent living skills.


Health and well -being: health education, sex and relationships education; Sport, physical activities, physio exercises; Keeping Safe/internet safety/mate hate programmes; ICT and assistive technology.


We have a three tiered structure based on Empower, Enable and Enrich pathways:


Empower (My Future) Typically Includes:

Preparation for work; travel training; accredited training courses including entry level  Maths and English;  Work placements to include horticulture, rural skills and, catering and hospitality;  Developing social and friendship networks;  Exploring supported living options.