Champions For Change update

1st May 2018

Champions For Change   2.5.18


We had another successful Champions For Change meeting at Tiverton Youth Centre today. Zach from 9LV attended, but the other pupil was off school today so Zach went with Miss Evora and Zoe.

We met with pupils from other special needs schools across Devon and had some guest speakers who wanted to hear the pupils’ opinions and ideas about the healthcare that children and young people receive in Devon and any ways they could improve this.

We also worked with a filmmaker who is helping the Champions for Change group make a film for YouTube in October. We talked about different types of films and how we watch those films. Marvel and Star Wars were popular films along with Netflix and Youtube.

For lunch Zach made his own pizza topping and managed to eat lots of cake!

Zach then filled out an evaluation sheet to say what he enjoyed about the day.

Over the rest of the term we have some more meetings at Tiverton Youth Centre and will be working on the film project ready for October.