Campwild Adventure 2017

23rd July 2017

CampWild Adventure 2017

On Monday, 26 intrepid pupils entered CampWild with a carefully selected group of wild staff! When we got to the yurt village we ditched our bags and got straight into team games. Following on from this we explored the maze, hunted for butterflies and then made a camp fire and enjoyed our first evening under the stars.



On the second day we did some pond dipping and looked for a variety of beasties and creepy crawlies. We followed this up by seeing the wild otters being fed and then as a group we fed the wild boar. There is a new pack of wolves at Escot and we spent quite a while looking at them and observing their behaviour before ruining the calm of the park on the death slide!


Wednesday brought rain and storms to the camp. This was the day that we headed off to Charmouth in search of fossils. The rain dampened our spirits sadly and the fossil hunting was greatly affected by this. Mr Tilley tried to buy some in the shop but they wanted £26 for some very suspect looking stones so we left the beach empty handed. Following on from Charmouth we drove to Lyme Regis to get some much needed ice cream and spend some money of holiday stuff.


Thursday started up in the woods where we made shelters from sticks, leaves and heather. These were then tested with water to see how robust they were. Many pupils were soaked in the testing! In the afternoon we then carried out the swamp activity – a truly muddy, sloppy, squishy affair whereby we got covered in mud and then washed ourselves down in a stinky lake. If it hadn’t been for the sensible actions of Mr Tilley during the swamp, then things could have turned out really silly.


Our last day was spent in the Saxon village whereby pupils learnt and practiced how to make copper jewellery, cut and chopped wood, made Saxon bread, tried on authentic clothes and carved necklaces using ancient letters.

The pupils were amazing and the staff were fantastic making this one of the best Southbrook residential’s ever. Well done everyone and it was lovely to see some of the Year 11’s on the trip who were brilliant.