Beatbox Workshop

20th April 2017

Our Year 9 pupils were really lucky recently to have had the opportunity to work with David X - David Terosier, a French beatboxer and instrumentalist.

David, who is part of duo Vocal Global, had been on tour and was speaking at the South West Peninsular Music Conference at Buckfast, but was able to call in to Southbrook on his way back to London.

He demonstrated his amazing beatboxing skills – which blew us away ( pupils and staff ). At one point we thought a helicopter was landing in the music room !

David showed the Year 9 students various techniques used in beatboxing and then gave them the chance to have a go themselves. It came naturally to some of our pupils, and at the end of the session those who wanted to were given the opportunity to use a looping mixing desk to produce their own track!  

It was a truly inspirational afternoon – made possible by the charity Live Music Now South West.

Photos by F. Witcombe