About Us

Southbrook is a secondary age (11-16 years) special school, in Exeter. We cater for the needs of 120 children and young people, all of whom have a range of complex needs and abilities. These could be moderate or severe learning, social and emotional difficulties, often a diagnosis of Autism or other speech, language and communication needs, sensory impairments and/or physical disabilities.

Our pupils come from a wide catchment area in Devon and travel to school by bus, taxi or, are independent travelers who may cycle, walk or use public transport.

All pupils follow the full National Curriculum appropriately differentiated to meet their learning needs.

 Mission Statement

 Our Mission statement was created following extensive consultation and collaboration between pupils, staff, governors and families:-
 At all times, we seek to:
  • Respect all
  • Always try hard
  • Make safe and healthy choices
  • Enjoy life

Vision for the Future:

To be a centre of excellence for young people in Devon with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND): through strengthening our partnerships and delivering a holistic response to individual complex needs.

Admission to Southbrook

Admission to Southbrook always has to come through the Local Authority SEN 0-25 Team.  All pupils who come to Southbrook have a statement of SEN identifying their complex needs. If it is considered these needs cannot be met within a mainstream school, this is highlighted through the annual Transfer Review process.  At Southbrook we are consulted by the Local Authority - Devon County Council, as to whether or not we are able to meet a pupil’s needs.  Ultimately, it is the Local Authority's decision as to whether a pupil gains admission to Southbrook.

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If you would like more information regarding admission, please contact us on Exeter (01392) 258373 or email on admin@southbrook.devon.sch.uk or the SEN 0-25 Team on Exeter (01392) 383000.